A New Website Again - Why So Soon?

New Website

Well, it's just about 5 months ago, when I created a new website. That change was after many years, I simply needed a new one. So why did I need it again so soon? Was the old one bad or what? 

No, the previous version of this website was OK, it had everything I needed, but it was too similar to the old one. Actually, all my previous websites were similar - from charcoal grey to black, similar layout, so typical for websites of photographers. 

Screenshot of jiriruzek.net website from Sep 14, 2010
Screenshot of jiriruzek.net website from Sep 14, 2010

Screenshot of jiriruzek.net website from spring 2012
Screenshot of jiriruzek.net website from spring 2012

 I simply wanted something new, modern, using today's technology etc... That's all, folks :) I hope you like it (btw, share it, if you like it :) Thank you.

Jiri Ruzek
Author: Jiri RuzekWebsite: http://www.jiriruzek.net
Czech uglamour nude art photographer, an official Fujifilm X-Photographer. Born Aug 29 1967 in Litomerice, living in Prague.
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