Erotic Art Photo Workshop

Long before I started to take photographs, I met erotic art photography. I was fascinated. Although there were no borders, it was not cheap pornography, the photos had their artistic value.
I think, at the time, I also started to love the game of contrast and shadows.

Erotic photography is a delicate thing on the edge or beyond the usual social conventions. Someone considers naked breasts to be pornography, for another tastefully processed photograph of sexual act remains erotic art.

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Come and try it yourself.

We can arrange an erotic art photography workshop. You'll experience what it feels like to shoot the most intimate moments of the photographed person, yet remain a gentleman and take exciting, yet tasteful and great photos.

Again, we will play with light, shadows, proportions and perspective, we will only move the boundaries much further than usual in our nude art photo workshops.

Note for wives and partners (or spouses and partners) - this workshop, like all others, will be only about photo shooting; nothing else.

Our model will be Adelle.


The price of 1 hour is 230 € (minimum is 2 hours)
2 hours - 460 € (minimum)
3 hours - 690 €
4 hours - 920 €
5 hours - 1150 €
6 hours - 1380 €

You can shoot alone or share the price with 1, 2 or 3 photographers.

Maximum 4 photographers

It is also possible to arrange a workshop with 2 models (ask me).

Send me a message for more details about the workshop (use the form on this page).

Jiri Ruzek
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Czech uglamour nude art photographer, an official Fujifilm X-Photographer. Born Aug 29 1967 in Litomerice, living in Prague.
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Jiri Ruzek

"Jiri is among the leading contemporary Czech nude art photographers. His work goes far beyond the borders of that small European country. Jiri’s seductively provoking, mostly black and white photographs are widely published in art books across the world. He is well known for his work. Jiri teaches highly sought-after one-to-one photography workshops. People from all around the globe have traveled to Prague to learn from him.

His photos are based on emotive nude art portraits and he calls this unkempt-like style the Uglamour (ugly glamour). Uglamour means natural beauty, Jiri's models are always captured as strong personalities, not baby-dolls." (Alien Skin)


Official Fujifilm X-Photographer


Published by Taschen, Constable & Robinson, Random House, Zoner Press and many others.


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