Lesbians For Men (Taschen)

Over 300 photos, in black & white and color, celebrate the obliging women who’ve kissed, fondled, and fulfilled men’s lesbian cravings, in images created for pornography as well as “fine art.” Contemporary photographers include:

Alexey Aloisov, Nobuyoshi Araki, Guido Argentini, Bruno Bisang, Serge Bramly, Gary Breckheimer, Paul Hardy Carter, Akif Hakan Celebi, Bob Carlos Clarke, Liz Earls, John Emrys, Nick Farrell, Ed Fox, D. Keith Furon, Perry Gallagher, Alejandra Guerrero, Ren Hang, Dian Hanson, Petter Hegre, Ján Hronský, April-Lea Hutchinson, Renée Jacobs, Jimon, Richard Kern, Chas Ray Krider, Man Ray, Jay Mawson, Mikey McMichaels, George Pitts, Paul Quince, Nicola Ranaldi, Holly Randall, Suze Randall, Markus Richter, Mark Lee Rotenberg, Jiri Ruzek, Will Santilo, Kishin Shinoyama, Ellen Stagg, Tony Stamolis, Waren Tang, Marlano Vargas, Chip Willis and more.

Editor: Dian Hanson
Published in 2016 by Taschen USA, ISBN 978-3836559607

Jiri Ruzek
Author: Jiri RuzekWebsite: http://www.jiriruzek.net
Czech uglamour nude art photographer, an official Fujifilm X-Photographer. Born Aug 29 1967 in Litomerice, living in Prague.
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