Which Focal Lenght Is The Best?

Uncensored version. Which lens (or better say focal lenght) is the best for shooting portrait, for nude art, glamour etc...? How to make long legs, narrow hips and so right in your camera? You don't need Photoshop fakes if you know how to work with your lenses.

Video - Black Ballet

Black Ballet song by Petar Calic in video by Jiri Ruzek
starring: Francesca & Roman

Many Faces, One Name - FETISH

Many faces, one name - Fetish ... a new fetish video by Jiri Ruzek and Vikencia model, 2017.

Video - Vikencia

One of my best models Vikencia in a short uglamour video recorded in Prague, 2011.

Video - Glass Licking

A game of a glass, a milk and a model's toungue ... a video from my 2011 photo shooting.

Video - Prague Nude Shootings II

Jiri Ruzek shooting in Prague streets again. Nude art photo shootings in the streets of the oldiest part of Prague, part II. Czech photographer Jiri Ruzek taking photos of models Metteorwa and Vikencia just a few meters from famous Charles Bridge. Backstage video recorded by Ludmila Foblova, April 2011.

Video - One-to-one Uglamour Workshop

One-to-one uglamour photography course with Jiri Ruzek teaser. One lecturer, one photographer, two days, four models. Feat. Metteorwa, Martina, Zuzana Strakosova and Veronika Fasterova.

Video - The Deadbeat Song

Music video - The Deadbeat Song by belgian band SantokuSystem; film by Jiri Ruzek. Starring czech model Metteorwa and Roman Salikov. April 2011.

Video - Visions

Imagine there's no heaven, but pleasure...
Erotic art video by Jiri Ruzek. Recorded in 2011, edited & published 2014.

Video - Come Closer

Jiri Ruzek presents Vikencia & Metteorwa in erotic zombies comedy Come Closer. A backstage video recorded by Ludmila Foblova, April 2011. Absolute Uglamour :)

Video - Uglamour Nude Art Workshop Prague

Video from the Nude Art Photography Course with Jiri Ruzek, Prague 2014.

Video - Prague Nude Shootings

Jiri Ruzek takes provocative photos of Vikencia in the oldiest parts of Prague. A backstage video taken by Ludmila Foblova, April 2011.

Video - Nude Art Photo Course

A new backstage video from the Nude Art Photography Course with Jiri Ruzek and his model Metteorwa, Prague June 2013.

Video - V lune Stredohori Exhibition

Video by Jan Hronsky from Jiri Ruzek's "V lune Stredohori" exhibition, September 2010.

Video - Nude Art Workshop Prague

Video from the Nude Art Photography Course with Jiri Ruzek, Prague 2013.

Video - Prague Photo 2010

Prague Photo - Manes Exhibition Hall, Prague, 2010. Video by Marian Lukes

Video - Blind Photographer

Jiri Ruzek taking photographs blindfolded, backstage video.
starring: Metteorwa & Roman

Video - Holky v altanu Exhibition

Two videos from Jiri Ruzek's "Holky v altanu" exhibition, March 2010.

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Malostranský ateliér
Tématický workshop fotografování - Street Nude Art - s Jiřím Růžkem. Thematic photo workshop - Street nude Art - with Jiri Ruzek, Prague (CZ/EN)

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