Private Nude Art Photo Shootings

Private Nude Art Photo Shootings

I offer private nude art photo shootings for ladies and couples.

If you like Jiri Ruzek's photo art, you can get photographs in the same "uglamour nude art" style as a memory and the top secret Prague souvenir.

Your photographs can be romantic, erotic, almost whatever you want, but they always will be in my uglamour style, so don't ask me for any different style photos, please.

What is the Uglamour?

In one word, the uglamour is naturalness. Although it is based on the words Ugly and Glamour, it does not mean you will look ugly on my photos. It just means that you will look naturally. I will accent the best of you and because I am a gentleman, I will also quietly hide your imperfections. 

I say that perfection is boring, but uglamour is an art of imperfect perfection. Or perfect imperfection, if you want.

The photo shooting can be done in a professional studio, in my apartment or in your hotel room. I can also recommend you some nice and not expensive old-fashioned or design hotels in Prague for your boudoir photo shootings.

It's you who set the edges, not me

I will never ask you to do anything unnatural in front of my camera, I will just let your mood and fantasy flow and then I will capture the best moments.

Just erotic art, no porn

Even the most intimate situations you can imagine can be taken in an artistic way, not as porn. You can see it on my photographs.

Absolute discretion guaranteed

I will never publish the photographs until you ask me to do that.


The prices are very friendly, if you compare them to my prints prices.

300 EUR (8000 CZK) - up to 5 photos

500 EUR (13500 CZK) - unlimited

Ask for more info.

If you are interested in a private photo shooting with Jiri Ruzek, don't hesitate to contact me via this form.

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Jiri Ruzek
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Czech uglamour nude art photographer, an official Fujifilm X-Photographer. Born Aug 29 1967 in Litomerice, living in Prague.
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Jiri Ruzek

"Jiri is among the leading contemporary Czech nude art photographers. His work goes far beyond the borders of that small European country. Jiri’s seductively provoking, mostly black and white photographs are widely published in art books across the world. He is well known for his work. Jiri teaches highly sought-after one-to-one photography workshops. People from all around the globe have traveled to Prague to learn from him.

His photos are based on emotive nude art portraits and he calls this unkempt-like style the Uglamour (ugly glamour). Uglamour means natural beauty, Jiri's models are always captured as strong personalities, not baby-dolls." (Alien Skin)


Official Fujifilm X-Photographer


Listed in the 50 Nude Fashion Photographers and filmmakers you should follow in 2015


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Malostranský ateliér
Prague group workshop of nude art photography with Jiri Ruzek in English language

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