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It's been almost exactly 3 years ago, when I sold my flash strobe lights and bought a continuous tungsten light Dedolight DLH4. Various sources talk about revolutionary Aspheric2 optical system, about light like no other lights and so. Why and do they lie?
You will know the answer after your first shooting with Dedolight and after 3 years of work with that I can say, they are absolutelly true.

Dedolight DLH-4 ReviewI don't want to write a thousand words review, I think a few words about my own experience and my photos is a better way to introduce this amazing light to you.

Some boring, but important facts:

  • Focus angle: 48° - 4.5°
  • Weight: 558 g (1.2 lb.)
  • Max wattage: 100W (12V),150W (24V)
  • Color temperature: 3200 - 3400 K
Typical Dedolight circle

Yes, a focus angle - Dedolight has manual focusing system - there are two aspheric lenses inside - the second one is moveable together with halogen lamp and parabolic mirror. All built in a very lightweight and small chasis (just 171x127x124 mm or 6.7x5x4.9 inch). Also it's wattage is pretty low, compared to similar lights with similar power, but wattage around 500 W.

Its light is fantastic and the shadow is even better - see the photos, how sharp it is. You can also see the dark circle around (some people think it is a vignetation or even Photoshop vignetation). The light distribution is even, there is light inside the circle and darkness outside, almost nothing between, the edge is very rapid.

Great Dedolight shadows

Dedolight is not too strong light (it is a video, not a photo light), so I recommend to use the 150W/24V variant - it means together with DT24-1 power supply/light dimmer. When I take photos with Dedolight, I mostly need ISO 800 or so. But I also take photos to ISO 400 black and white film without problems.

Dedolight used with ISO 400 analog film camera

The light is good for dramatical scenes, it looks like if you are in the theatre or a club concert.

Two Dedolights - the back one used for hair contoures. ISO 400 BW film


  • Fantastic quality and character of the light & shadows
  • Focus zoom system
  • Lightweight
  • Very compact size
  • Low wattage
  • Low heat
  • Low price of the halogen lamp
  • High shock and vibration resistance


  • High price
  • Could give stronger light
Again - those fantastic shadows

Most of my photographs taken during the last 3 years have been taken with the Dedolight - this is my answer ...

Darkness all around ...

Any questions?

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