What People Think Photographers See

What people think photographers see in a viewfinder during the nude art shootings vs. what I have to see to take a photograph.

Mens fantasy is working at full speed, while women are amazed and slightly shocked when they talk about nude art photography, the intimate moment when beautiful young model stands or lies in front of a dirty and deviant photographer who sees everything. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! An abnormal situation for normal people.

Yes, I agree that 99.9 % of men on this planet lives a different kind of life than me, thanks photography.

But the reality is a bit different. Just a bit? The infographics bellow tells you what I have to see to take a photograph.

What people think photographers see in a viewfinder during the nude art shootings vs. what I have to see to take a photograph - Nude art photo courses

I perceive photos as a whole made up of many elements

An expression is one of the keystones of portrait photography (and although I take nude art photos, they are strongly based on a face portraying), it means that I am always waiting for the best model's expression and like a hunter, I am trying to capture it at the right moment. And because it is a nude art, I must watch nice and elegant shapes of each body part, too. I also have to look around and avoid any twisted toes and stray fingers or strange things and shapes in background of the photo. I love shadows, but only those wanted, not unwanted. And I think of composition, exposition, perspective, distortion, depth of field, the f-stop number, speed, ISO and many many other things.

Got it? Well, I forgot to say that I must check and control all these things before each press of the shutter, not only in the beginning of shooting. If you imagine that I take 100 or more photos, you realize that my eye together with my brain and my artist's heart works similarly as a sensor and computer.

So do you still believe I have time and energy to watch the model's breasts and vagina?


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