X-Photographers Book 2016

Jiri Ruzek's work has been included in the latest X-Photographers Book 2016, published in Japan by FUJIFILM Corporation.

In June 2012, we first came up with the phrase "X-Photographer".
It meant to indicate a "photographer" taking photos with the FUJIFILM's "X" camera.
The combination of the two words intrigued us. We felt that something out of ordinary was about to happen...

The letter "X" can mean something "not specific and undefined".
The fuzziness enables photographers to be free, and matches perfectly with photography as a medium which communicates things like emotions and texture that cannot always be defined with words.
(... ...)

X-Photographers, to express and to store the emotion of the phrase. With the utmost respect for their works.

FUJIFILM Corporation
Optical Devices & Electronic Imaging Products Div.

Thank you FUJIFILM for including my work in the book.

Jiri Ruzek's photograph in the X-Photographers Book 2016. Taken in Milan, Italy, 2015 with a model Alessandra Giulia

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Jiri Ruzek
Author: Jiri RuzekWebsite: http://www.jiriruzek.net
Czech uglamour nude art photographer, 2014-2021 an official Fujifilm X-Photographer. Born Aug 29 1967 in Litomerice, living in Prague.
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