Selection of Jiri Ruzek's 2024 photographs and moods.
Put on your 3D glasses ...
3D nude anaglyphs ... use 3D red-blue glasses for the 3D result ... and don't touch the models, please :)  ... see more anaglyphs in the Series
Selection of Jiri Ruzek's 2023 photographs.
The best photographs taken by Jiri Ruzek in 2013.
During this year I've held many individual and group workshops.
After many years with Nikon converted to Fuji X at the end of 2013.
Selection of Jiri Ruzek's 2022 photographs.
The best uglamour nude art photographs taken by Jiri Ruzek in 2012.
Selection of Jiri Ruzek's 2021 photographs.
Worked with beautiful models from many countries, started to take nude art photographs also as 3D anaglyphs, returned back to the roots of analog photographs, made some videos, published old and took new photo series, contributed in some new books, has been exhibited in the Czech Republic and abroad, held workshops for Czech and foreign photographers etc...
Selection of Jiri Ruzek's 2020 photographs.
... 7 exhibitions during 2010, worldwide distributed Nude Photography book and a lot of more or less important and interesting events and things ... 
Selection of Jiri Ruzek's 2019 photographs
... a very special year with photographs of completely new models staff, got the Reflex magazine award etc ...
Selection of Jiri Ruzek's 2018 photographs.
... no more t-shirts ...
Selection of Jiri Ruzek's 2017 photographs.
... shooting in a new attic, looking for new ways of lighting ...
A selection of Jiri Ruzek's 2016 photographs.
... found many new interesting models ...
A selection of Jiri Ruzek's 2015 photographs.
2005 ... year of the first "street uglamour" photo series ...
A selection of Jiri Ruzek's 2014 photographs.
... moved to Prague, bought new photocamera and after some years started again ...
Back to the roots of photography ... The most popular page of this website.
1995 ... how it all has began ...

Upcoming Events

Malostranský ateliér
Skupinový workshop fotografování uměleckého aktu s Jiřím Růžkem v Praze.

Berlin, Germany
Zveme vás na workshop fotografování aktu/glamour v ulicích Berlína.

Malostranský ateliér
Čtyřhodinový workshop fotografování s Jiřím Růžkem v rámci kurzů FotoŠkoda.

Speciální workshop v prostorách opuštěných vojenských budov v Terezíně / special workshop in abandoned army buildings in Terezin. Models: Klára, Bára, Martina

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