What Girls Do - 2015

What girls do when they are alone ... Uglamour photo series by Jiri Ruzek 2015.

Bodypainting - 2005

Bodypainting... painted on model Psykick by Croatian artist Tea Hatadi and taken by Jiri Ruzek in 2005 ...

Superwoman's Dark Side - UN|EDITED - 2015

You asked me to show my unedited photographs and more details from the process of photo shooting. The following series shows you (in a shortcut) the birth of a photo.
The left side of each photograph is unedited, the right side is a part of a final result.

Francesca - 2011

Beautiful Italian model and actress Francesca visited me in Prague in November 2011.

Urban Girl - 2011

Photo shooting in the oldiest part of Prague. Uglamour nude art photo series taken in 2011.

Closeness - 2005

Closeness... two young beautiful girls in an erotic art series by Jiri Ruzek from 2005 ...

The Waves - 2011

Make-up, high heels, a glass table, a cigarette and a glass of wine, all this in a pool. Uglamour nude art photo series taken in 2011.

Tesla - 2009

Tesla... a very old, but incredibly hot radio in a fetish series taken in 2009...

Seven Lenses - 2014

Seven nude art portraits photos taken with seven different lenses, 3 modern Fujinons and 4 old manual M42 Russian lenses on my Fuji X-E1 camera as a part of the lenses test, 2014.
All photos have been taken from the same distance (approx. 2 meters).

3D Prague Nude Shootings - 2011

Various models in Prague streets, all as 3D anaglyphs ...

Body Lipstick - 2014

Playing with a lipstick in front of my camera, 2014.

Charles Bridge - 2011

Charles Bridge... one of the most beautiful and most mysterious Prague places ...

Daylight Games - 2014

Daylight Games ... my first 2014 photo series. I love the day light.

A1 Tales - 2011

A1 Tales... it can be hard to imagine what can happen in an old Prague house ...

Bouncing Metteorwa - 2011

Metteorwa bouncing on a balloon ... featuring Antonin

3D Ksenia - 2011

3D Ksenia... a beautiful russian redhead model in a black and white 3D photo series ...

Real Lovers - 2013

Real Lovers... sometimes "they" are not just models, they are real people, real lovers. Photoseries taken in 2013...

3D Metteorwa - 2011

3D Metteorwa... a new nude art anaglyphs with amazing Tereza ...

Unexpected Visitor - 2012

Unexpected Visitor ... my favorite photo series from 2012.

3D Anna - 2011

3D Anna ... anaglyph or Annaglyph? enjoy this new 3D stereography nude art series ...

Metteorwa in a Pool - 2012

Metteorwa having fun in a pool...

3D Vikencia - 2011

3D Vikencia... she looks great in 2D, but if you have red-blue glasses, you will see how amazing she is as an anaglyph ...

Sony RX1 Sample Photos - 2013

I was testing a brand new Sony RX1 camera before the last Christmas.

Legs Shaving - 2010

Legs Shaving ... photo series from the last days of 2010, model is Tereza (Metteorwa) ... 

Blind Photographer - 2012

Blind photographer... to be clear, just blindfolded. Check out this experimental photo series ...

Spaceman - 2010

Spaceman ... this photo series has been taken in August 2010 and model Viktoria simply looked like ... a spaceman. 

NSFYou - 2012

To take a real sex scene photos doesn't always mean to take pornography.
Not Safe For You, Not Safe For Anyone... an exciting erotic art photo series with a young models couple ... 
18+ ONLY. Leave this page if you are underage, please!

Seven Hours Couch - 2010

Seven Hours Couch ... a photo series taken in December 2010 with amazing and always surprising model Anna. 

Smoking Girls - 2012

Smoking girls... a big photo compilation of models with cigarette taken during 2004-2012 ...

Deep Night - 2004

Deep Night ... one of my first photo sessions from 2004.

Eyes of Zodiac - 2012

12 Zodiac signs, 12 models, 12 portraits...

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