Useful Mobile Photo Apps

I want to inform you about some interesting and useful mobile photo applications today.


AcaciaThis free application offers some useful functions to photographers and film makers.

You can easily manage your projects, save your cameras, lenses, films and so. 

You can also play with a virtual lens, which shows you the depth of field and some other things according to the focal length, f-stop number and distance from the object etc... There is also a very nice viewfinder with compas. 

Try it and you will love it. 

For Android - download here.


beeCam Light Meter

Beecam LightmeterbeeCam Light Meter is one of many light metering applications.

I don't believe them too much, but you can try it, sometimes it can be still better than nothing.

For Android - download here.


Photo Tools

Photo ToolsPhoto Tools offers more than you can imagine. Many photo calculators (depth of field, hyperfocal distance, field of view, exposure reciprocation, blue and golden hour etc ...), EXIF reader and image histogram viewer, graycard and color wheel, timer and stopwatch, grid overlay camera or notepad, it also gives you information about location and weather etc...

I see the Check Lists as a very interesting and useful tool. You can create and save your own check lists or use some presets, e.g. "standard shoot", "pre shoot" and "wedding shoot". It is something like a ToDo list - you simply have to check all items from the list and you know you have not forgotten anything. You just can't forget the check list :)

In my opinion a very useful app.

For Android - download here.



Studio Light Rigger is aSLR unique 3D photo studio simulator.

You can choose and set up different light sources, reflectors etc..., model pose (a lot of poses in the list), your camera, all in 3D and you see the result in a real time. 

Your scenes can be saved into the library and opened anytime.

Very simple, very interesting.

Android here
Apple here



RawVisionRawVisionworks with Nikon, Canon, some Pentax, JPG and PNG image format.

It can easily preview, import, edit these files, apply some interesting effects. Some effects are included, you can buy more if you want.

Very nice piece of mobile software. Not free, but almost for free (free demo available).

For Android - download here



InstagramAlmost everyone knows Instagram, perhaps the most popular mobile photo sharing application. Originally an iPhone application, now also for Android.

For those who don't know: Instagram is closely connected with Facebook and its users simply and instantly share their photographs together with location and some description to their friends. That's all, folks :)

Instagram has inspired tons of similar applications, read bellow about one of them ...

iPhone version here
Android version here 



EyeEmEyeEm comes from Berlin and it is a new photo sharing application inspired by Instagram.

New, but very interesting and quickly growing.

Works with any picture size ratio (unlike Instagram, which works only with square format) and it seems it works better with data. EyeEm has more sharing options, has its own website (not only Facebook), works better with locations, keywords etc... 

Try it, also on MS Windows.

iPhone version here
Android version here
Windows version here


I think it is enough for today. Try the apps, enjoy them and leave a comment or share this article, if you want and like ... :)

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