Bella Vista, Jiri Ruzek 2012

Jiri Ruzek - Uglamour Nude Art Photography

What is it for you? Glamour or nude fine art photography, a fetish, erotic art or boudoir photo or something else?
And who cares? For me it is just a nude portrait, a sensual intimate moment, a beautiful woman captured by my camera...

Basically, a fine art nude photography can be divided into an informative and an emotive sub-style. An informative art nude photography works with a model's body as a main element, for emotive art nude photo, which is much more interesting to me, a body is just an addition to a major role of a model's face, her expression, mood, feelings...

Uglamour (based on the words Ugly and Glamour) is my own title for natural and straightforward photographs showing true and believable emotions.
This is what I miss on the glamour photos and what makes my photographs different from the glamour style, although I work with some elements of glamour...
Jiri Ruzek


Jiri Ruzek (*Aug 29, 1967 in Litomerice, CZ), Czech uglamour nude art photographer, 2014-2021 an official Fujifilm X-Photographer. In 1995, I asked my first model, Martina Cyrkvova, for a photo-session. Since 2004 I live and work in Prague.

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České Středohoří/Czech Middle Mountains, Jiri Ruzek 2006

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"The camera is my tool. Through it I give a reason to everything around me." Andre Kertesz
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Published across continents by the world leading book publishers, e.g. Taschen, Random House Mondadori, Constable & Robinson Ltd., Frechmann GmbH, Feierabend Unique Books, Edition Skylight, Euphoria Factory and others.

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• one of the most talented nude art photographers in Europe. • seem to redefine the genre these days. • may be considered one of the "post Helmut Newton" generation. • has mastered the difference between graphic sex and graphic sexuality. • un especialista en el blanco y negro, captando con su cámara todo el erotismo que puede reflejar la ausencia de color. l’originalité de sa démarche n’est pas de montrer ou démontrer la juste mesure de l’érotisme ou de la sensualité pour ce qu’elle est simplement, mais de la dépasser dans une personnalité voir un charisme propre ... мастеров оригинальной художественной фотографии обнаженного тела, на самом деле, не так уж и много, поэтому работы лучших из них становятся известны всему миру. Такие как Хельмут Ньютон ... Дэвид Ла Шапель ... Роберт Мэплторп ... Иржи Ружек ... • um dos mais reputados da Europa no âmbito do nu artístico.
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Designblok, Prague Photo Festival, Digiforum, Základní instinkt, Arte Algarve Portugal, Feminae Lisbon etc...
Gardens of Eden, Jiri Ruzek 2012

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Selected media and quotes for publishers and anyone who is interested ...
Sovetskoe Igristoe, Jiri Ruzek 2010


Akty X 2009 - 1st prize (Reflex magazine best nude photo contest), Základní instinkt 2010 ...
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I went on to explore a variety of styles. People automatically indicate my photographs as a nude art, as photographs of naked body, but what I really like is a portrait - yes, very often nude or semi-nude, but still portrait. The expression of a model's face and her eyes is what I want to see in my photographs. Since 2006 my photographs are exhibited and widely published. I work both with digital and analog (film) cameras and I take also 3D nude art anaglyph photographs (also known as a stereophoto).

Looking for New Models

I keep looking for new interesting models for my uglamour nude art photographs.
And if I say "interesting models", I don't mean any Playboy like babydolls, but really authentic original ladies from all over the world


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