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Thank You for the Top 1‰ Website

Today, the website reached for the first time Alexa Rank bellow 300.000, which means -- according to the fact that there are about 300 mio websites on internet -- that it belongs to the top 1‰ of most popular websites on whole internet.

Upcoming Exhibitions in Portugal

I have been invited to exhibit my photographs together with group of 15 Prague nude art photographers at a series of exhibitions in Portugal. 

New Videos Category

There is a brand new category called Videos at this website. Includes some backstage, document and artistic videos recorded by Jiri Ruzek and friends. Watch the videos here.

3D Full HD Wallpapers

Download another collection of 12 Full HD (1920x1080) nude art wallpapers, now as black and white 3D anaglyphs.
Use 3D red/blue glasses to view the 3D result.

3D Nude Art Anaglyph Gallery

A new gallery of my 3D nude art anaglyph photographshas been added today. You need 3D red-blue glasses for the 3D view. All these photographs, of course, are available also as prints, both in 3D or 2D. I will publish many more stereophotographs soon. 

Full HD Wallpapers

I have prepared the 1st nude art collection of 12 Full HD (1920x1080) wallpapers for you. 
Download the photographs for free here

Nude Photography Book

The Nude Photography book has been released in October 2010. It is a compilation of black and white nude art photographs by 21 authors from various countries and includes also a big series of my photographs from the period 2004 - 2009.

Reflex Best Nude Photo Award Winner

Jiri Ruzek's photograph titled "České středohoří" (translates into english as Czech Middle Mountains) won the Grand Prize in Reflex Magazine 2009 Best Nude Art Photograph contest - Akty X.

Upcoming Events

Malostranský ateliér
Skupinový workshop fotografování uměleckého aktu s Jiřím Růžkem v Praze.

Speciální workshop v prostorách opuštěných vojenských budov v Terezíně / special workshop in abandoned army buildings in Terezin. Models: Jarka, Eliška, Jája

Malostranský ateliér
Čtyřhodinový workshop fotografování s Jiřím Růžkem v rámci kurzů FotoŠkoda.

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