List of the books including photographs by Jiri Ruzek:
103 osobností české fotografie

103 osobností české fotografie

Joyra, CZ
ISBN 978-80-904202-2-9
103 českých (a slovenských) fotografů, kteří se v letech 2013 - 2017 aktivně zúčastnili veletrhu FotoExpo.
Kniha vychází v limitované edici 600 kusů.

103 personalities of Czech photography. 600 books limited edition.

KOMPOZICE v [digitální] fotografii pohledem dvaceti pěti českých fotografů

KOMPOZICE v [digitální] fotografii pohledem dvaceti pěti českých fotografů

ZonerPress, CZ
ISBN 978-80-7413-358-9
25 českých fotografů a jejich přístup ke kompozici.
25 Czech photographers talk about composition in photography.

Lesbians For Men - Taschen 2016

Lesbians For Men

Taschen, USA
ISBN 978-3836559607
Included in this book.

Over 300 photos, in black & white and color, celebrate the obliging women who’ve kissed, fondled, and fulfilled men’s lesbian cravings, in images created for pornography as well as “fine art.” Contemporary photographers include Nobuyoshi Araki, Guido Argentini, Bruno Bisang, Bob Carlos Clarke, Ed Fox, Ren Hang, Petter Hegre, Richard Kern, Will Santillo, Kishin Shinoyama, Jiri Ruzek, Jan Hronsky (cover photo)...


X-Photographers Book 2016

X-Photographers Book 2016

FUJIFILM Corporation, Japan
Included in the X-Photographers Book 2016.

Dominique Forma - Amor; book cover by Jiri Ruzek


Editions Payot & Rivages, France
ISBN 978-2743631703
A cover photo for Dominique Forma's thriller Amor.

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The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography, Vol. 4, cover photo by Mike Lawson

The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography, Vol. 4

Constable & Robinson Ltd., UK, USA
ISBN 978-3037666401
Maxim Jakubowski, an editor of The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography, presents a new collection of color and black-and-white erotic art photography, featuring the work of 74 leading photographers from the US, Europe, and beyond who have made a name for themselves with their female nude and erotic work, including Jiri Ruzek, Ludmila Foblova, Renée Jacobs, Thomas Karsten, Chas Ray Krider, Steven Lyon, Natacha Merritt, Craig Morey, Steve Diet Goedde, Alejandra Guerrero, Chi Lum and others.

The Best of International Nudes Photography 3

The Best of International Nudes Photography 3

Feierabend Unique Books, Germany
ISBN 978-3-939998-82-2
Nudes 3 collects the best of contemporary international nudes photography on ca. 700 packed pages. From the tastefully restrained to the straightforwardly erotic – this book presents the entire range of current nudes photography.

Fetish Fantasies


Feierabend Unique Books, Germany
ISBN 978-3-939998-77-8
Includes 23 black and white fetish photographs by Jiri Ruzek.

This lavish collection takes you on an exciting journey into the realm of fantasy. It is an inspiring visual trip that proves that imagination is the foundation of all eroticism.

Nude Closeup


Publishers Graphics, USA
ISBN 978-0-9847499-0-4
The Czech Middle Mountains photograph included in this book.

Highlighting the photographic art of contributors from around the globe, Nude Closeup boldly explores the remarkable details of the human form and artistic vision in a way never done before. ... Ranging from subtle to edgy, this collection will expand your vision of what nude art photography is today.

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Pussy Mania


Edition Skylight, Switzerland
ISBN 978-3-03766-622-7
Includes 21 B&W photographs by Jiri Ruzek.

Didier Carré, Ludmila Foblova, Emanuel Fouquet, Ulrich Grolla, J. Stephen Hicks, Dirk Krauzig, Chas Ray Krider, Karl Louis, Hudson Manilla, Bryon Paul McCartney, Jean Najean, George Pitts, Tom Rider, Katerina Rudlova, Jiri Ruzek, Frank Sabino, Renee Azcra Woodward, Ragnar Gischas, Robert Baham, Carnish, Joymil exclusive, Günther Hagedorn, Stephan B., Dimitar Petrov, Marc Page, Jeremy Saffer, Veselin Valchev, Jürgen Wunderlich, Sabine Modotti, Igor Amelkovich, Stefan Schaal

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Dame Tus ojos


Random House Mondadori, Spain
ISBN 978-84-253-4574-6
A cover photo for spanish version of Torsten Pettersson's novell Dame tus ojos (The Eye Catcher).

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Nude Photography


Loft Publications, Spain
Frechmann GmbH, Germany
ISBN 978-84-92731-00-8
23 nude art photographs by Jiri Ruzek in this outstanding photo compilation.



Euphoria Factory, Japan
ISBN 978-4-06-379405-2
8 pages/20 photographs of Prague architecture, girls, lifestyle, night clubs etc... also my portrait of Jan Saudek.

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Jiri Ruzek
Author: Jiri RuzekWebsite:
Czech uglamour nude art photographer, 2014-2021 an official Fujifilm X-Photographer. Published worldwide, one of the few Czech photographers published by Taschen (and others).
Born Aug 29 1967 in Litomerice, living in Prague.
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