Prague 2014 New Year's Fireworks

Prague 2014 New Year's Fireworks
I have taken a series of Prague New Year's fireworks photographs for you.

People have been usually watching the fireworks from the Vltava river bridges - this view offers a great panorama with Prague castle. But you can also go to the Letná hill and stand right behind the fireworks and it is the place where I took the photos.

Taken with Fuji X-E1 camera and Fujinon XF 14mm/2.8 lens.
No Photoshop, just Fuji :)

  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-01
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-02
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-03
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-04
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-05
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-06
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-07
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-08
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-09
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-10
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-11
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-12
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-13
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-14
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-15
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-16
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-17
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-18
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-19
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-20
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-21
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-22
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-23
  • jiri-ruzek-new-year-fireworks-2014-24
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